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JavaScript Code Snippets are short pieces of code written in the JavaScript language that can be added to a website to enhance its functionality and interactivity. These snippets can be used to create dynamic effects such as dropdown menus, pop-ups, slideshows, and form validation. They can also be used to modify the behavior of existing website features, such as buttons and links. With JavaScript Code Snippets, website designers and developers can create custom and interactive elements that enhance the user experience, making the website more engaging and user-friendly.

JavaScript Code Snippets

JS set interval for an event until element show

Sometimes we need to active an event when a specific element loads on-page or part of an element change.

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JS fetch post API Data in 5 min simple way

js fetch post API is very simple way. some line of Javascript code and boom.

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HTML img tag to HTML SVG tag [WordPress]

Image to SVG for WordPress. Generate svg code from image file

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