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jQuery Code Snippets are short pieces of code written in the jQuery library that can be used to add dynamic functionality and effects to a website. jQuery is a popular JavaScript library that simplifies many common web development tasks, such as handling events, manipulating the DOM, and making AJAX requests. With jQuery Code Snippets, website designers and developers can create custom effects such as animations, sliders, and pop-ups, as well as modify the behavior of existing website features. By using jQuery, developers can write shorter and more efficient code, making their websites more responsive and interactive.

jQuery Code Snippets

Adding and Removing Class Based on Element Visibility in the Viewport

Sometimes we need to dynamically manage classes based on whether certain elements are visible in the user’s viewport. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to add and remove classes using JavaScript and jQuery, enhancing your website’s interactivity and responsiveness. Detecting Element Visibility Before we dive into the implementation, let’s understand the concept of viewport […]

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Sequential Fading jQuery Text Animation

This code animates text using jQuery, creating a seamless, captivating effect with elegant fades, enhancing user engagement and enriching web design.

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Random slide order in slick sider

Change slick carousel slide order randomly

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Animated jQuery Counter Up with the Intersection Observer API

Learn how to create a simple counter animation using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in this tutorial.

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Simple jQuery Accordion Collapse

Custom coded Simple jQuery Accordion with toggle arrow. No need extra plugin or fremwork like bootstrap

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Add Classe when the item visible

Add class on scroll to viewport jquery code

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Cookie Popup with jQuery

Browser cookies popup accept, store cookies in browser with jQuery

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Sticky Menu Show when scrolling up

Header bar only show when scrolling up with simple jQuery and CSS trick.

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JQuery Auto Hight

jQuery height change after a specific time interval

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