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WordPress Code Snippets are short pieces of code that can be added to a WordPress website to customize its behavior, appearance, or functionality. These snippets are written in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, or HTML and can be added to various parts of a WordPress website, such as functions.php, header.php, or individual pages. WordPress Code Snippets can be used to add custom post types, modify queries, add custom fields, or create custom widgets. With WordPress Code Snippets, website designers and developers can extend the capabilities of WordPress, creating unique and dynamic websites that meet the specific needs of their clients.

WordPress Code Snippets

WordPress Related Post

Show related post on blog single page or any custom post single page

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WordPress category or taxonomy list

WordPress custom taxonomy term list with function and loop. show taxonomy team on wp query loop

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Most View or Popular Post on WordPress

WordPress Post query by user views without plugin and simple code snippet

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wp-config development code

WordPress post revisions, debug, load-scripts.php problem fix code

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