Code with Mukto - Essential Code Snippet For Web Developers

Essential Code Snippet For Web Developers

This, not a good idea to write all code from scratch & it makes project time longer. That why I put all my most use and complex code there so I can reuse and at the same time other developers can.

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Enabling Guest Checkout in WooCommerce: Bypassing Email Verification for Order Payment

Enable guest payment, bypass email verification. Enhance user experience, boost conversions. Easy, efficient, and customer-friendly solution

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Making Specific Products Unpurchasable or purchasable for a specific date in WooCommerce

How to make specific products not purchasable in WooCommerce using code.

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WooCommerce Custom Order Dropdown Based on Payment Method

WooCommerce admin order page custom drop-down base on payment method & show order admin column with code only

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Sequential Fading jQuery Text Animation

This code animates text using jQuery, creating a seamless, captivating effect with elegant fades, enhancing user engagement and enriching web design.

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Customizing WooCommerce Order Numbers with Prefix and Year Suffix

Customize WooCommerce order numbers your way, whether you prefer code or a plugin. Add unique prefixes and dynamic year-based suffixes effortlessly. Make your store’s orders truly yours!

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How to Implement Google Ads Conversion Tracking in WooCommerce

Learn how to add Google Ads tracking code to your WooCommerce thank you page effortlessly, without the need for plugins.

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Random slide order in slick sider

Change slick carousel slide order randomly

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Implementing WooCommerce Shop Page Quantity Input and Plus (+) Minus (-) Button with simple Code

Enhance the user experience on your WooCommerce website by adding quantity plus minus buttons and a quantity option on the shop page.

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Allow Only Business Email Addresses in the Email Field of Elementor Forms

Accept submissions from Business emails on Elementor Forms

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Change WordPress URL in Database with phpMyAdmin and SQL query

Replace WordPress old URL to new URL with SQL Query

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