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Essential Code Snippet For Web Developers

This, not a good idea to write all code from scratch & it makes project time longer. That why I put all my most use and complex code there so I can reuse and at the same time other developers can.

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Add an additional custom checkbox in the WooCommerce checkout

Add an additional custom checkbox after the terms and conditions in WooCommerce checkout we can use WooCommerce

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WooCommerce Ajax Product Search and Category Filter Without Plugin

WooCommerce Ajax Product Search with Category Filter. Simple code, without any plugin.

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Replace add to cart button with the product page link & Change add to cart text

`Replace add to cart button with product single linked to product page on shop pages in WooCommerce 3

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WooCommerce Discount based on Cart Item

A discount on the total order with condition based on our cart item

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Update WooCommerce Delivery cost with condition

Change Delivery price base on what item in cart

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JS set interval for an event until element show

Sometimes we need to active an event when a specific element loads on-page or part of an element change.

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Counter up with a simple jQuery

count down numbers with jquery

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JS fetch post API Data in 5 min simple way

js fetch post API is very simple way. some line of Javascript code and boom.

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Simple jQuery Accordion Collapse

Custom coded Simple jQuery Accordion with toggle arrow. No need extra plugin or fremwork like bootstrap

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